Romantic Things To Do

I firmly believe that you should always plan your own activities on your romantic getaway. After all, you know what you like to do! So that being said, I will give you some ideas and options and help you get ideas flowing. Check out my other pages for Romantic Things To Do in select cities, but meanwhile here are some ideas that you can do in any location.

    • Don’t over-book, over-schedule your entire trip.  Pencil in a couple of breakfast-in-bed mornings.  Plan on, or even order ahead of time, room service.  And while you’re at it, order the mimosas or champagne too!
    • Schedule a romantic special dinner at the end of your getaway to be sure you leave on a high note.  It has been found that you judge your entire experience not only on the most extremely exciting moments you experienced, but also on how it ends.  So be sure you plan something fun the night before you leave so it isn’t just packing up to go back.  A peak-end-rule, if you will.
    • Give yourself $10 dollars each, find a local toy store wherever you happen to be if possible.  Go shopping and each of you pick out $10 worth of small toys/trinkets and go back and share what you bought, and why.  You’d be surprise how this is a great way to learn a little something new about your partner.  (And fun too!)
    • Before you leave, both of you or at least one of you should get creative and make up coupons on your computer.  These can be for something as simple as: a back rub massage/with oil, a glass of champagne any time of day, a hot fudge sundae, a pizza of your choice, his/her favorite snack, a night of dancing, a impromptu picnic with your menu of choice, etc.  You get the idea, what it does is makes you think about what your partner likes, and then giving it to them.  Of course you can add more intimate ideas on your own.  Then upon arrival at your destination, give your partner their wrapped coupons as a gift and let them redeem them at their whim. Before you leave, and this is a he/she idea, pick up a couple of small little gifts and wrap them.  Then, throughout your trip surprise your partner with one of the gifts at the most opportune moment. It is an inexpensive way to show how thoughtful you are of your partner and really goes a long way to making them feel loved.
    • Sign up for a wine class if you are on a cruise, or in a city with one nearby.  Conceirges are great at helping in so many ways. After your class, go wine shopping for your favorite wine.  Often different wine stores have free tastings too and it just is a fun way to spend an afternoon brousing different shops.  Buy one for a picnic and you are set for your next idea.
    • Picnics are just romantic, plain and simple.  Wherever you are you can plan a picnic.  What do you really need? A blanket, a couple of glasses, some food of your choice, a great bottle of wine or beverage of your choice, and a location to throw your blanket. For a romantic touch, bring one along that is personalized with your names. has a great blanket that is 50×60.
    • Plan a date around a beautiful sunset!  You don’t need to book a show because mother nature has one already prepared for you.  Just bring your blanket and Champagne.  Check out these sunsets for inspiration. Often you are somewhere that you can just pick up things on your way.  Or have the conceirge recommend something.  Or have the hotel pack it for you.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate – half the fun is in the planning.  Check out my romantic gifts pages and purchase one of the books suggested and bring it along for ideas of fun things to do on your picnic.  Again, simplicity is the beauty of a picnic so you don’t have to over-think.  Just enjoy it.

      • Do you need a reason for a getaway?  Why not take a getaway for each new season?  Pick a destination that is perfect for summer, fall, winter and spring.  Plan it and make it a celebration at the beginning of each new season.
      • If you can’t get away right now, why not cook or bake a delicious treat for your someone special?  After all, we have all heard “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” whether or not that is true, who cares.  Everyone appreciates the time and effort that goes into a home cooked anything!  I have a few recipes to make that dinner extra special, or that breakfast in bed more memorable, or that surprise can of cookies or fudge a real decadent gift!
      • Look into dancing lessons.  There are dance studios all over.  Book one or two and then go dancing.  For best results pick out one dance you both really want to learn whether it is ballroom, swing, tango, salsa and you will be able to go out and practice what you learn.  So many people love to dance, but don’t beause they are intimidated or uneasy because of their lack of skill.  End that and learn to dance!  It is fun, you stay active, and it is something that is very romantic.
      • Order matching Monogramed Pajama Sets for both of you. has one for him in midnight black and one for her in soft ecru.  They have the look and feel of satin and silk, but are 100% luxurious soft satin polyester with the convenience of being machine washable.
      • Have a chef prepare a meal for you in-room course by course. Several hotels offer this service, Trump Towers in Chicago to name  just one.
      • Have his/her boss call him/her on their birthday and tell him/her they have the day off and have your getaway already planned out. Even if it is just a long weekend.  How surprising and fun is that?
      • Order a pizza with the pepperoni, mushrooms etc. in the shape of a heart.
      • Order a personalized puzzle made out of the two of you and bring it along.  You may work on it throughout your getaway by putting it on a coffee table in your suite, either on a cruise or hotel.  These will be made up for you by
      • Order a “prescription for love”, a prescription bottle filled with red hots and easily ordred online also at You might want to provide a “doctor’s order” to go along with it, and get creative on the doctor’s orders.  One week of plenty of rest and sex, etc.
      • Chocolate Body Paint, another fun gift to bring along on your getaway.  Also may be ordered at
          And above all, don’t forget the champagne!  Time for another famous champange quote:”My only regret is that I didn’t drink more Champagne!”
          – Lord Maynard Keynes, on his deathbed

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