Romantic Restaurants

Lets face it, going out to dinner is easily one of the most traditionally romantic rituals that most of us already do. Love blossoms at dining tables across the world everyday. Eating out is a social behavior that is a big percentage of our every day lives. There are so many options everywhere we look. What is it about a restaurant that makes it romantic? I think ambience and a distinctive setting, exceptional service, a menu loaded with pure indulgence, creative and beautifully presented dishes, visually appealing table settings and a beautiful view all promise a romantic evening is ahead. We want the evening to be memorable, and all of these qualities contribute to the excitement ahead.

Below I have links to my favorite romantic restaurants for your getaway. I have started with Chicago restaurants and will keep expanding. So keep checking back to see what’s new. Once you have selected a great romantic restaurant, see if can get a better price on dinner.

And don’t forget to order Champagne!

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