Romantic Places To Stay

You’ve decided to go on that Romantic Getaway or you want to surprise your partner with one.  “The world is your oyster” as they say and that makes this a daunting task, where are you going to go?  After you have selected a destination, which hotel are you going to stay at?  Or do you want a Bed & Breakfast?  Maybe a Romantic Cruise?  Which ones will be more romantic?

I think from the moment you have this great idea, all through the planning and research, and up to the bitter-sweet end is a fun and romantic interlude.  You, maybe not so much!  That is why I’m here to give you ideas and make it fun.  (And easier!)  Below I have links to my favorite locales with Romantic Places to Stay.  Go to each page to find a list of the most romantic places with details about why they are on my list.  Whether it is because they are luxurious, have wonderful spas, restaurants, lounges, impeccable service, great location, in-room massage options, top of the line linens, glorious bathrooms or all of the above and hopefully more!   (I started with Chicago and will keep expanding to my other favorite destinations and cities below, so stay tuned for more!)


New York



Lake Tahoe



Bed and Breakfasts


Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune or wait until you have one to plan a romantic getaway. I’ll give you ideas that are verging on grandeur, middle of the road and on a budget! It is what you make it after all.

Don’t forget to check out my recommended Romantic Restaurants and Romantic Things to Do pages for ideas on romantic things to do throughout your getaway. I have also made lists of Romantic Gifts ideas to help make your romantic getaway even more spectacular.

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Have fun planning and don’t forget to include some Champagne on your romantic getaway!

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