Start Your Romantic Getaway With a Romantic Poem

When was the last time you sat down to draft a romantic poem for your special someone?  Have you ever?  You don’t have to be a poet to be successful at this task.  Why not plan a special getaway and send your partner a poem to set the mood. 

Roses of every color

Roses of every color

Roses of every color.
Skies of pink and blue.
Forget everything else,
I want to go away with you

We’ll walk sandy beaches,
Watch the clouds slowly drift by
Sip on frothy beverages,
and gaze into each others eyes

The days will bring us closer
The nights will bring romance
Twinkling stars and moonlight
will light our every dance

Chilling champagne on ice
Candles flickering in the breeze
The sound of the waves and
you by my side is my dream

I literally wrote that poem in less than 10 minutes.  You can do it too, the beauty of poetry is there are no rules.  You can write whatever you want and it doesn’t have to rhyme.  Your partner will be so impressed with your poetic side that they won’t analyze every word, it’s the thought that counts.  Whatever your romantic getaway consists of is your starting point.  Will there be beaches, snow hills, lakes and trails?  There is so much creative material in brochures or websites it doesn’t take much.  Just start somewhere and keep editing.  Before you know it, you have created a poem that you will be proud to send to someone special.  It is fun, try it, you’ll see.

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