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Portofino – Pastel Perfection!

I was in love with Portofino the moment I first saw it in a Andrea Bocelli concert. It is an affluent small village with shopping that is not for the weak of wallet. Gorgeous views of pastel colored houses and boutiques line the small streets. Continue reading

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The Cypress Trees of Tuscany

I found the cypress trees in Tuscany so charming and they became the focus of many of my photos. I love how majestic and regal they look. Continue reading

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Chicago Is Hot; The Fire, Not So Much.

We went to the Great Chicago Fire Festival of 2014. It wasn’t great; the fire never really took off! The weather was way too cold for October, but we managed to have fun with the people of Chicago anyway. And that says a lot for our city, don’t you think? Continue reading

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